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    Completely useless. We need different typing layouts (Tamil Trpewriter layout) to make it flexible for different users from casual to professional typists, Even the Google Input Tools in Chrome has multi input layouts for every popular language (Tamil Typewriter layout) !! Tamil is the oldest surviving language since 3000 BCE and still spoken as native tongue by 80 million people, Added Google CEO Sundar Pitchai itself is a Tamizhan. Here we provide Google Indic Keyboard V for Android 4.2++ Google Indic Keyboard allows you to type messages, update on social networks or compose emails in your own native language on your Android phone. Currently it includes the following keyboards:

    – English keyboard
    – Assamese keyboard (অসমীয়া)
    – Bengali keyboard (বাংলা)
    – Gujarati keyboard (ગુજરાતી)
    – Hindi keyboard (हिंदी)
    – Kannada keyboard (ಕನ್ನಡ)
    – Malayalam keyboard (മലയാളം)
    – Marathi keyboard (मराठी)
    – Odia keyboard (ଓଡ଼ିଆ)
    – Punjabi keyboard (ਪੰਜਾਬੀ)
    – Tamil keyboard (தமிழ்)
    – Telugu keyboard (తెలుగు)

    On your phone, if you can read your language in its native script above, you may install and use Google Indic Keyboard to input your language; otherwise your phone may not support your language.

    Google Indic Keyboard supports different modes of input:

    – Transliteration mode – Get output in your native language by spelling out the pronunciation using English letters (For example, “namaste“ -> “नमस्ते“.)

    – Native keyboard mode – Type directly in native script.

    – Handwriting mode (currently available for Hindi only) – Write directly on your phone screen.

    – Hinglish mode – If you choose “Hindi” as an input language, the English keyboard will suggest both English and Hinglish terms.

    How can I enable it and set it as the default keyboard?
    – On Android 5.x and newer versions:
    Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS” section, go to Current Keyboard -> Choose Keyboards -> Check “Google Indic Keyboard” -> back to “Language & input” -> Current Keyboard -> Select “English & Indic Languages (Google Indic Keyboard)”When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by clicking the keyboard icon on the bottom right corner of the screen.
    – On Android 4.x:
    Open Settings -> Language & Input, under “KEYBOARD & INPUT METHODS” section, check Google Indic Keyboard, then click Default and select “Google Indic Keyboard” in the “Choose input method” dialog.
    When typing in an input box, you can also change the default input method by selecting “Choose input method” in the Notification area.
    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    Editors Notes:

    Key for end of line symbol is not language specific. For example, Hindi language uses vertical line symbol (|) to mark end of line but Marathi language uses same symbol as English (.) Google has done great work in language specific products so I feel its an easy fix for the teak. Surprisingly after so many versions, this bug continues to be present and goes unnoticed by many users.

    What's new

    - Support gender emojis- Added 2 keyboard themes- Bug fixes and performance improvements

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