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    The only big problem was I guess the game play I downloaded this game and within a hour I finished everything and in a few more hours I was op and the hitbox are wonky need a little tweak that wasp can die though Here we provide spore bug’s life V 1.04 for Android 4.0.3++ Insects, bugs, beetles, wasps, spiders and ants are everywhere. Did you ever want to become one of them and live a life of a tiny bug? bug’s life gives you a shut to do it! 

What a wonderful world is hiding invisible from our eyes! Hide with them too! Mighty monsters and fierce creatures constantly lead a permanent clash of monsters and insect smasher against each other for the territory, food and survival. All these remain unnoticed, but not for you! You have a unique opportunity to experience a life of insects in their natural habitat in tiny universe on the other side of magnifying glass with other diminutive settlers as caterpillars, wasps and bees, hornets, ant, bugs, cockroaches, worms, slugs and other extraordinary tiny creatures. Go deeper into it and learn more! Conduct a microtrip in this amazing world of beetles. You can not only try to play servival game and hide in the sandy field but also become best friends with other spores of insects. Anyway it is one of the really relaxing games.

    Start as a tiny nasty cockroach that can hardly survive several seconds in this unsafe environment. Run away if you see another moving objects like spore or bacteria, devour DNA of other wild monsters and just collect DNA scattered over the territory. Try to find your ark of survival. The only way how you can survive is to constantly evolve, acquire new skins, improve parameters of the insect and constantly change the tactic against other insatiable monsters.

    There are three main evolution stages available but each of them has hundreds of configuration allowing to make your bug, spider or cockroach truly unique! Just eat DNA all four seasons long and evolve! Evolve till the spider and start your spider games!

    The tactics available for players vary tremendously! Depending on the monster’s evolution stage it can become a tiny weak but very fast bug or, in contrast become a furious, mighty and dangerous monster easily devouring other inhabitants of this tiny universe, showing its power in clashes. It is completely your decision on which skins and parameters to spend the DNA collected in the battles and which evolution path to choose. Choose and evolve wisely!

    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    Editors Notes:

    It's okay. A little disappointed that it wasn't multiplayer. I got OP within an hour of playing. There's also a bug (get it?) where if you die during the stun period when you respawn the bugs stay stunned until you restun them.

    What's new

    Minor bugs were fixed

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