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  • Rummikub


    So many bugs, and the computer version even wors! Here we provide Rummikub V 3.6.3..

  • Sudoku offline

    Sudoku offline

    This App is Awesome. Waiting for the “Google Sign in” (Option) Update to come As..

  • Tawla 31

    Tawla 31

    This game cheats. I’ll have all my marks ready to end the game and computer..

  • Chess Age

    Chess Age

    This is a very entertaining take on chess. You rarely have to play a full..

  • Durak Elite

    Durak Elite

    Ehen adding it makes next move…controls are retarded seriously. Adding and my turn next gives..

  • Jogo da Vida

    Jogo da Vida

    Bugado no S7 Edge, precisando finalizar o jogo várias vezes pra continuar! Here we provide..

  • Dominoes Pro

    Dominoes Pro

    The doubles should be vertical. Plus the sound is to loud Here we provide Dominoes..