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  • Descriptions

    Great idle game. Rips off from diablo. But the nostalgia and leveling system make it a familiar experience. It adds a lot of elements from other idle games and incorporates mechanics from them. Great game to play as a casual or hardcore. Pay to play is not required to advance. But as all free mobile games it helps get to a higher tier quicker however it isn’t needed. You can raise VIP level from just playing. Most people use the party meta of barb wizard demon hunter. But you can do well with the monk too. More characters would be nice like paladin. Keep up the good work. Here we provide Idle Souldier V 1.9.0 for Android 4.0++ Idle Souldier puts the player in control of Soulgem powered soldiers in an eternal struggle against evil armies, hence the name SOUL-dier. Idle Souldier is a bot friendly mmorpg that carries out battles nonstop while you are away. Designed especially for you who crave for legendary gear even when away from your phone!

    The game begins with you choosing one of the 4 classes (Barbarian, Monk, Mage and Demon Hunter) and pits you against incrementally difficult levels. Once you have unlocked all 4 heroes, strategize even further by selecting 3 of your strongest warriors based on the encounter to maximize your chance of success!

    Will it be a ranged heavy party of Blizzard & Arrow Rain? Or a frontline melee heavy party that absorbs and evades most incoming damage? All builds are viable in Idle Souldier and the decision is totally up to you!


    – 24×7 Stress FREE
    Farm legendary loot, Experience, Gold and even Diamonds while you are away!

    – Evolving Strategy
    Plan your formation strategically, mix and match 3 of 4 different Souldiers for the best outcome!

    – Powerful Soulgems
    Master the power of hundreds of Soulgems! Use them strategically to strengthen your party or counter enemy parties

    – VIP Privileges
    Play FREE and get treated like a VIP by unlocking achievements!

    – ARENA Battle
    Gain prestige by participating in ARENA matches and trade it for awequiet a few runes, equipment and items!

    – RIFTING together
    Add your friends, venture into the Shadow Rifts using your friends’ Souldiers, and gain loot together.

    – Randomized Loot!
    All equipments dropped comes with randomly generated attributes, hundreds of combinations possible!

    This game is brought to you by Gamelune Interactive, a studio dedicated to bring you the best games all around the world. Rate Idle Souldier and send us your suggestions/feedback, we are working hard everyday to improve the game!

    Don't forget to LIKE Idle Souldier Facebook Fanpage for FREE goodies and loot!

    Editors Notes:

    Was very active, bought more then enough gems, am a VIP 12. Had an issue with a bug over 4k diamonds, and it's been over 2 weeks trying to get the issue resolved. Gameplay great, love the game. But can't rate the response time as well. Have continuously tried contacting, and nothing. Won't be buying gems from now on I'm pretty sure.

    What's new

    -Support French Language-Support Cross-server Chat

    History Version

    Idle Souldier 1.9.0 Apk File  [ Date: 2018-01-05]

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