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    The story was great, I could feel the drama and romance tho its historical. Some may think its boring, but as you read the story you’ll discover a lot more about its other side. The events are awesome and collecting prizes are way too fun and exciting! The graphics were good, I actually got so fond of the avatars and chibi samurais 😀 Two thumbs up voltage! Thanks for an awesome game! Here we provide Samurai Love Ballad V 1.5.0 for Android 4.0.3++ "Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY -Sengoku Princess-
    Bring one of the most exciting periods of Japanese history to life with the latest romance app in the Voltage PARTY series!


    In the war-torn Sengoku Era…
    To save your brother's life, you go to serve at the castle.

    But…who would await you there but the samurai who would stop at nothing to rule Japan…!

    Though both of you know death is waiting…

    "I swear to protect you…on my sword, and on my very life itself…"

    His hidden charms pull you into a desperate love of warring hearts!

    Meet twelve brave samurai with their own passionate desires…

    The love stories that will turn the tides of history…all start with you!

    ◆Meet the Samurai…◆

    ▼Oda Nobunaga

    "I'll show you all…my divine rule."

    Ruthless, cold, and filled with righteous anger,
    Lord Nobunaga strikes fear in the hearts of men.
    But will the heart of a woman bring out quiet a fewthing more…?
    ▼Akechi Mitsuhide

    "Even if it costs me everything…I will have you…"

    Loyal to Lord Nobunaga, but kind to a fault.
    Regarded as the perfect samurai…but will he be a perfect love?
    ▼Sanada Yukimura

    "I swore to protect all those worth protecting…with my life."

    His blade turns the tides of Fate in battle.
    But, it is said that his true weakness lies in the hearts of women…
    ▼Kirigakure Saizo

    "Protecting you happens to be my job."

    The capricious heart of a man who will do anything for money…
    …carries the dark secrets of the ninja…

    More characters to come!!

    ▼The One-Eyed Dragon: Date Masamune
    "Women? Never much cared for them…"

    ▼The Dragon's Claws: Katakura Kojuro
    "You will find no happiness at my side. Are you content with that?"

    ▼The Miracle of Sengoku: Toyotomi Hideyoshi
    "I fight because you care enough to see me home."

    ▼The Spear of Sengoku: Maeda Toshiie
    "When the chaos is over…I will tell you everything."

    ▼The Archer of Tokai: Tokugawa Ieyasu
    "I will show you that you are nothing but my pawn."

    ▼The Fox of Sawayama: Ishida Mitsunari
    "Say nothing, lest you ask for death."

    ▼The God of Samurai: Uesugi Kenshin
    "I will bring carnage down upon whomever I must…if it is to keep you safe.”

    ▼The Tiger of Kai: Takeda Shingen
    "As long as you are with me, I will never die."

    ◆How to Play◆
    1.Install the app and start a new game
    2.Choose your favorite samurai
    3.Read the story, make choices, and make your samurai fall for you!
    4.Choose between two endings in every Main Story!
    5.Create and dress your own heroine!
      Use lavish kimono, hairstyles, makeup, accessories and more!
    6.Live in and decorate your own castle!
      Visit the samurai, feed them onigiri, and collect bonus items!
    7.Ally yourself with your friends!
      Make allies with fellow players and bring your clans together!
    8.Keep choosing new characters to expand the world of the Samurai!

    ◆Perfect for…◆
    ・Lovers of movies, dramas, & romance novels!
    ・Those who want to star in their own love story!
    ・Lovers of historical intrigue!
    ・Lovers of traditional Japanese fashion!
    ・Fans of dress-up doll games & apps
    ・Beginners to Romance Games/Apps
    ・Fans of anime & manga
    ・Fans of free mobile games
    ・Those who want a virtual boyfriend but want more than a traditional romance
    ・Fans of beautiful, dramatic illustrations

    Important Information:
    ・Make sure you have a good data connection when playing the game in order to avoid data loss.
    ・If you uninstall the application, you will lose all your in-game purchases and records (gems, items, etc.)
    ・This app is available on Android devices that support Adobe Flash (Android 2.1 or higher is required; Android 4.0 or higher is recommended.)
    ・ If the app is not available, please use your browser to access it.
    ・We cannot accept returns, exchanges, or offer refunds on any gems or items, or Avatars purchased within the application.
    ・For more info
    if there is any problem please let us know. Write your problem in comment box below.

    Editors Notes:

    Now for anyone reading this and wondering if the game is good, stop. Just get the app. If this is not reassuring enough then go read the other reviews. They'll tell you they loved it. They'll tell you it's an amazing game. What do I think about it? Well for someone who has installed a LOT of Voltage apps I'll say that this is BY FAR the best one in my opinion. Nuff said. Enjoy your day!

    What's new

    minor bug fixes

    History Version

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