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Fallout Pip-Boy Description

Bethesda is known for delivering on surrounding hype for their latest games. With Fallout Pip-Boy, the companion app for Fallout 4, you can check your in-game stats, investor, harita, radyo, and even letting you play your favorite holotape games, ilk ile, Atomic Commander, included for free, without having to have the game turned on. The app works by syncing automatically with Bethesda as you play the game.

Fallout Pip-Boy is an official app from Bethesda to transform your Android into a true Pip-Boy. This application, together with the plastic Pip-Boy figurine included in the collector’s edition of Fallout 4, gives you the definitive vault dweller experience.

You can link Fallout Pip-Boy with your Fallout 4 oyun, independently of which platform you play on (Xbox One, Oyun istasyonu 4, veya PC). This gives you all the information about your game right on your Android’s screen: check your hero’s stats, view open missions, look over the maps, vs.

You can also try the application in demo version. This mode lets you browse all the menus without restrictions, and even play some hidden minigames inside Pip-Boy.

Fallout Pip-Boy is an almost essential app for any fan of the Fallout saga. You can finally have your own Pip-Boy, not on your wrist (unless you purchase the collector’s edition of Fallout 4), but at least in your pocket.

Editörler Notlar:

Fallout Pip-Boy syncs automatically with the PC and console games as you play. The graphics look great and it lets you keep tabs on how you’re doing in the game.

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What's New in Fallout Pip-Boy

  • * Improvements to Pip-Boy battery usage for your portable device.
  • * Now your Pip-Boy should properly select devices when resuming from rest mode.
  • * Display mode fix for Galaxy S3.
  • * Vault-Tec has also implemented other minor improvements to the Pip-Boy application.

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